The Government Can

October 20, 2009

Hilarious video but very true.


A new president in four years?

February 11, 2009


Obama bet his political future on this whole economic stimulus junk at a town hall rally in Fort Myers, FL. He said if it doesn’t work “you’ll have a new president in a few years from now”. Now that’s hope I can believe in!

Who cares how hard you work or what skills you have?

January 22, 2009

Once again we are reminded of the socially enlightened times we live in. Post-racial America? You bet we are! Take a look at this video. This one goes out to all you hard working blue collar employees out there.

Big Three Bailout

December 5, 2008


We’ve got to do something about this inept congress who is going to give these three morons a handout. I nearly fell out of my seat when I heard one of the Big Three CEO’s answer a question from a Congressman about restructuring. He said even if they get the money they are still going to lay people off, cut back and restructure their company. I’m sitting there thinking can’t you do that filing chapter eleven bankruptcy and then WE wouldn’t have to  bail you guys out! And yesterday we got the same lame ‘THE SKY IS FALLING’ excuse from GM saying they wont have any money at the end of December unless they get $25 billion from the Fed( or was it $75 billion?) I don’t know they keep on raising the price tag on this thing! I hear so many of their complaints that AIG and the others got a bailout so why not they. We have got to say enough is enough. Solving an economic crisis of this magnitude with monetary policy is very dangerous. It concerns me that if we keep pumping money into the economy what effect will it have on inflation? We need to roll back this bailout and support Sen. James Inhofe’s propose legislation(S. 3683) to do so.

Black Friday Victim

December 1, 2008

The truest sense of where our culture is was displayed in Long Island, NY in the morning hours of Black Friday. A man was trampled to death by a deranged bargain-hunting shoppers. Trampled to death by a monstrous insane mob is more fitting description. How can these things happen when we are suppose to be celebrating the importance of our friends and families and most importantly reflecting on the birth of Christ and instead we are so bent on getting that Sony flat screen TV for fifty percent off that we will stop at nothing, including killing a guy, to snatch it away before someone else will. And then people have this crazy notion that its the economy that’s driving people to this kind of amoral behavior. Well excuse me but my grandmother lived through the depression with several children and in all of her stories she told me over and over again I never once heard her say,”Well there was this one Christmas that I was at the five and dime store and this crowd of people killed this clerk who got in their way to the latest radios that were on sale at 75 cents each”. We are not talking about food or any other necessity here we are talking about a nice extra commodity in life so we can see the Dallas Cowboys in HD on Sundays. I don’t know what to say to this. We as a society have truly lost our minds and  our souls.

Obama Reveals Socialist Tax Plan

October 13, 2008

If this doesn’t tell you that Barack Obama is a Socialist with Socialist goals for America I don’t know what will. This is a clip of Obama speaking to a plumber in Ohio about his tax plan that is going to raise his taxes and “spread the wealth around”. There is also other clips that show his true socialist values. I think he must have a copy of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto for his daily Bible reading. How can jobs be created if they are taxed so heavily that they can’t break even. They will not be able to afford the workers they have let alone potential new employees. Oh yeah, one more thing this plan he has to give a tax break to 95% of people. I’m assuming he is talking about the the people who actually pay taxes considering that around 30% of the people in this country don’t pay taxes.  He has said he will remove the Bush tax cuts. So how can our taxes be lower if he removes the tax cuts that Bush put in place? And how are our businesses, who provide for our income and that will be so heavily taxed that they can’t afford workers, help our economy? We will be a country of fools if we elect this guy.

Socialism Is Here

October 11, 2008

Have we lost our minds? We are historically seeing a socialist agenda taking over our lives as we sit idly by. My problem since I read the first three page bill, proposed by the President and Henry Paulson, was that it gave  too much power to the Secretary of Treasury. Currently we are told that the government may be buying stock in private banks. That means I could see the Federal Government owing my bank down the street possibly some time in the near future. The government will probably be telling me what I ‘ll be having for breakfast soon as well. But what can we do? I still believe that representational government exits, to a point, today. Keep bothering your Congressman and Senator! Take out an ad in the paper! Let your voice be heard!!

In the midst of all this we saw the display of total idiocy in London today as droves of mindless, kool-aid drinking people stormed the Bank of London clutching newspapers that read “Capitalism doesn’t work!” It was the capitalistic system that provided every shirt they wear, every car they drive and every Big Mac they stuff their pie holes with! Within this system, if we have the money, we have the prerogative to go buy twenty-five boxes of toilet paper if that pleases us. We are free to do basically whatever we want and if we want something bad enough we work for it. The overall blame from seemingly everyone to this fiasco is Bush’s DEREGULATION. Okay, I don’t agree with everything the President has done to ‘fix’ the problem but I do respect him. How could this be all his fault when it was his administration and others that tried to avert this problem four years ago. Blocked by Democrats, specifically Barney Frank and Christ Dodd, they allowed this mess to fall on our doorstep. Democrats pushed deregulation since the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act that allowed people with low income to get houses. (Sound familiar?)

Many years ago an ambitious leader in Germany arose to power amidst an economic crisis. Riding on the horse of socialism, he promised to fix things and by most standards he did. Except that it helped him usher in, as socialism always does, a totalitarianism that later swept the whole world into war. We cannot make this same mistake. We must protest while we still have a voice to be heard.