The Government Can

October 20, 2009

Hilarious video but very true.


A new president in four years?

February 11, 2009


Obama bet his political future on this whole economic stimulus junk at a town hall rally in Fort Myers, FL. He said if it doesn’t work “you’ll have a new president in a few years from now”. Now that’s hope I can believe in!

“I don’t have to answer tough questions, I’m Barack Obama!”

January 23, 2009


I found this very interesting. When President Barack H. Obama gave a suprise visit Thursday night to  the press room, with wall to wall drooling reporters, one brave man asked him a “tough” question. Jonathan Martin of Politico ask him why he nominated William Lynn, a lobbyist, after B. O. said that no lobbyist would have any part in his administration. He gave Mr. Martin a dirty look and in a obviously irritated voice said he wasn’t going to take questions but just came there to introduce himself to the reporters. But took other lighter questions though. I guess he was taken off guard and didn’t have a script or teleprompter in front of him to answer that.

Who cares how hard you work or what skills you have?

January 22, 2009

Once again we are reminded of the socially enlightened times we live in. Post-racial America? You bet we are! Take a look at this video. This one goes out to all you hard working blue collar employees out there.

A bit of advice for RINO’s

December 22, 2008

With republicans taken to the cleaners on November 4 some professed conservatives have hit the panic button. Some are suggesting that conservatives drop their principals, ie everything that constitutes them as conservatives, in order to regain power in government. David Brooks, Mort Kondracke and Bill Kristol are just to name a few. My advice to these individuals are “GO JOIN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!” The most recent suggestion that conservatives just turn spineless to get a job again comes from Bill Kristol saying that we abandon the idea of smaller government because it’s not popular. All these guys think of is power and not once about the integrity and moral responsibility that conservatives are suppose to uphold. Conservatives don’t go with what’s popular at the moment, fore go their values so that they can hold a position. They do what is right!

I don’t understand why Mr. Kristol thinks small government is not a popular idea in the first place. Any sane person who is seeing this political, big government house of cards being built knows this is all going to come crashing down. What conservatives needs is a strong leader that will have principals and not be a turncoat when things get slim. A person who’s words and deeds are one and the same. I’m talking about principals not a political party. Democrats, Republicans they have all let us down. They have proved very well over the past few months that they don’t have the foggiest idea what they are doing. Who else would give themselves nearly a $5,000.00 raise that’s paid by the tax-payer in the midst of an economic crisis.  Here’s another word of encouragement  that’s based on one of my favorite quotes by Thomas Jefferson who said “One man with courage is a majority.” Take courage for those with such are the majority.


September 30, 2008

Does John McCain want to loose this election? I can’t remember how many times I heard him say at the debates Friday night, Senator Obama, Senator Obama, Senator Obama and on and on and on! Today, in the midst of this financial crisis, he throws jabs at him again! I know he associated the bail out debacle with Senator Obama, the Democrats and bipartisan politics but my point is this “SPECIFICS!” That is the one thing I haven’t heard really from either candidate. Yes I know this is the worst financial crisis we have faced in years. Yes I know these are difficult times, hard times and every troubling adjective you can think of to put in front of ‘times’ to fill up a politically spin ridden speech with! Tell me how you’re going to lead us through this! Who cares what Obama is doing. All he can say is that John McCain will be Bush’s third term and I guess he’s taking gaffe lessons from his running mate when he said to one crowd, “Bush’s fourth term”. He’s nothing like George Bush but that’s the only insult he can hurl. Tell us what you will be doing Senator McCain, let Sarah be ‘Sarah’ and you will see your poll numbers jump. Until you do this you have a one way ticket to driving your political bus off a cliff.

Democrats Tried to Cover Up Fannie and Freddie Mess Back in 2004

September 29, 2008

Look at this video of the democrats trying to cover up the mess that we are in now back in 2004!