A bit of advice for RINO’s

December 22, 2008

With republicans taken to the cleaners on November 4 some professed conservatives have hit the panic button. Some are suggesting that conservatives drop their principals, ie everything that constitutes them as conservatives, in order to regain power in government. David Brooks, Mort Kondracke and Bill Kristol are just to name a few. My advice to these individuals are “GO JOIN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!” The most recent suggestion that conservatives just turn spineless to get a job again comes from Bill Kristol saying that we abandon the idea of smaller government because it’s not popular. All these guys think of is power and not once about the integrity and moral responsibility that conservatives are suppose to uphold. Conservatives don’t go with what’s popular at the moment, fore go their values so that they can hold a position. They do what is right!

I don’t understand why Mr. Kristol thinks small government is not a popular idea in the first place. Any sane person who is seeing this political, big government house of cards being built knows this is all going to come crashing down. What conservatives needs is a strong leader that will have principals and not be a turncoat when things get slim. A person who’s words and deeds are one and the same. I’m talking about principals not a political party. Democrats, Republicans they have all let us down. They have proved very well over the past few months that they don’t have the foggiest idea what they are doing. Who else would give themselves nearly a $5,000.00 raise that’s paid by the tax-payer in the midst of an economic crisis.  Here’s another word of encouragement  that’s based on one of my favorite quotes by Thomas Jefferson who said “One man with courage is a majority.” Take courage for those with such are the majority.


Big Three Bailout

December 5, 2008


We’ve got to do something about this inept congress who is going to give these three morons a handout. I nearly fell out of my seat when I heard one of the Big Three CEO’s answer a question from a Congressman about restructuring. He said even if they get the money they are still going to lay people off, cut back and restructure their company. I’m sitting there thinking can’t you do that filing chapter eleven bankruptcy and then WE wouldn’t have to  bail you guys out! And yesterday we got the same lame ‘THE SKY IS FALLING’ excuse from GM saying they wont have any money at the end of December unless they get $25 billion from the Fed( or was it $75 billion?) I don’t know they keep on raising the price tag on this thing! I hear so many of their complaints that AIG and the others got a bailout so why not they. We have got to say enough is enough. Solving an economic crisis of this magnitude with monetary policy is very dangerous. It concerns me that if we keep pumping money into the economy what effect will it have on inflation? We need to roll back this bailout and support Sen. James Inhofe’s propose legislation(S. 3683) to do so.

President-elect Reality Check

December 4, 2008


Black Friday Victim

December 1, 2008

The truest sense of where our culture is was displayed in Long Island, NY in the morning hours of Black Friday. A man was trampled to death by a deranged bargain-hunting shoppers. Trampled to death by a monstrous insane mob is more fitting description. How can these things happen when we are suppose to be celebrating the importance of our friends and families and most importantly reflecting on the birth of Christ and instead we are so bent on getting that Sony flat screen TV for fifty percent off that we will stop at nothing, including killing a guy, to snatch it away before someone else will. And then people have this crazy notion that its the economy that’s driving people to this kind of amoral behavior. Well excuse me but my grandmother lived through the depression with several children and in all of her stories she told me over and over again I never once heard her say,”Well there was this one Christmas that I was at the five and dime store and this crowd of people killed this clerk who got in their way to the latest radios that were on sale at 75 cents each”. We are not talking about food or any other necessity here we are talking about a nice extra commodity in life so we can see the Dallas Cowboys in HD on Sundays. I don’t know what to say to this. We as a society have truly lost our minds and  our souls.