Bright Side of the Election

With only a few days left in the election I have to say the brightest side of the election has been Sarah Palin. I can remember when I first heard she was picked as McCain’s VP nominee. I was filled with excitement because I had actually heard about her several months before both parties had picked their candidate for president. I heard how she changed Alaska for the better and took on her own party to uphold the values of integrity and responsibility. How that when you do what’s right instead of going with the same old corrupt politics that rolls on, people respect you and actually kind of like you. Hence the eighty-five percent approval rating. What has been so amusing is that this middle-aged “gosh darn it” hockey mom from Alaska has scared the wits out of the Obama camp. And what has been so disgusting is the pathetic attacks on her from the Obama camp. The woman can’t even sneeze without them hurling an insult at her. But she has handled it with poise and dignity, traits that Obama and all his socialist thugs are incapable of exhibiting. “Mark my words” as sure as the possibility of another  Joe Biden gaffe we have not seen the last of Sarah Palin. Like it or not New York Times this lady draws a large crowd and is loved by many. Regardless of what happens Tuesday she has found a place in the Republican Party and cannot be ignored.


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