Socialism Is Here

Have we lost our minds? We are historically seeing a socialist agenda taking over our lives as we sit idly by. My problem since I read the first three page bill, proposed by the President and Henry Paulson, was that it gave  too much power to the Secretary of Treasury. Currently we are told that the government may be buying stock in private banks. That means I could see the Federal Government owing my bank down the street possibly some time in the near future. The government will probably be telling me what I ‘ll be having for breakfast soon as well. But what can we do? I still believe that representational government exits, to a point, today. Keep bothering your Congressman and Senator! Take out an ad in the paper! Let your voice be heard!!

In the midst of all this we saw the display of total idiocy in London today as droves of mindless, kool-aid drinking people stormed the Bank of London clutching newspapers that read “Capitalism doesn’t work!” It was the capitalistic system that provided every shirt they wear, every car they drive and every Big Mac they stuff their pie holes with! Within this system, if we have the money, we have the prerogative to go buy twenty-five boxes of toilet paper if that pleases us. We are free to do basically whatever we want and if we want something bad enough we work for it. The overall blame from seemingly everyone to this fiasco is Bush’s DEREGULATION. Okay, I don’t agree with everything the President has done to ‘fix’ the problem but I do respect him. How could this be all his fault when it was his administration and others that tried to avert this problem four years ago. Blocked by Democrats, specifically Barney Frank and Christ Dodd, they allowed this mess to fall on our doorstep. Democrats pushed deregulation since the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act that allowed people with low income to get houses. (Sound familiar?)

Many years ago an ambitious leader in Germany arose to power amidst an economic crisis. Riding on the horse of socialism, he promised to fix things and by most standards he did. Except that it helped him usher in, as socialism always does, a totalitarianism that later swept the whole world into war. We cannot make this same mistake. We must protest while we still have a voice to be heard.


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