Does John McCain want to loose this election? I can’t remember how many times I heard him say at the debates Friday night, Senator Obama, Senator Obama, Senator Obama and on and on and on! Today, in the midst of this financial crisis, he throws jabs at him again! I know he associated the bail out debacle with Senator Obama, the Democrats and bipartisan politics but my point is this “SPECIFICS!” That is the one thing I haven’t heard really from either candidate. Yes I know this is the worst financial crisis we have faced in years. Yes I know these are difficult times, hard times and every troubling adjective you can think of to put in front of ‘times’ to fill up a politically spin ridden speech with! Tell me how you’re going to lead us through this! Who cares what Obama is doing. All he can say is that John McCain will be Bush’s third term and I guess he’s taking gaffe lessons from his running mate when he said to one crowd, “Bush’s fourth term”. He’s nothing like George Bush but that’s the only insult he can hurl. Tell us what you will be doing Senator McCain, let Sarah be ‘Sarah’ and you will see your poll numbers jump. Until you do this you have a one way ticket to driving your political bus off a cliff.


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