Presidential Debate 9/26/08

The debates on Friday night were nothing special. When are they ever! Well I do think the Reagan-Mondale debates were kind of fun to watch back in ’84 only because Reagan didn’t make it a total bore-fest with his wit and humor. But back to Friday’s debate. In a nutshell we saw Senator Obama speak his usual rhetorical nonsense and stay on the defensive most of the night. While Senator McCain laid out his resume on what he has accomplished and his long tenure in the senate. I do wish Senator McCain would have spoke some specifics on a few issues. One thing that did catch my attention was his idea of a “league of democracies”  but that will be a subject for a later time. But there it is my first entry. What I think about it, really nothing more to say about it. Maybe you can turn over to MSNBC and if something isn’t crawling up Chris Matthews’ leg you can get his two cents about the whole thing.


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